Week 12-GSoC 2020

This is the final blog of the official program highlighting the final week. Some of the key discussions were:

Open PRs:

  • Adding Mixture Distribution
    • The PR allows creating Mixture Distribution in sympy.stats. This PR is under discussion regarding the implementation notes and its API.
  • Assumptions of Dependence of Rvs
    • This PR continues the work of Gagandeep Singh for supporting Assumptions of Dependence between the random variables. This has intially been implemented with Covariance as the metric for assumptions.
  • Handle Joint Rvs Expectation
    • This PR adds the new algorithm to calculate the Expectation of random Variables containing the Joint Random Symbol. The also fixes its Variance Computing as it is dependent on the Expectation. Moreover, this also adds doit method in symbolic Variance and Covariance classes and links variance and covariance functions to their respective classes.

Merged PRs:

By the end of this week, it completes the Google Summer of Code and I am really thankful to the Community and the mentors for always helping and supporting me. Further, as suggested by the mentors, I would now focus on testing ang fixing the issues to make stats more robust.


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India