Week 5-GSoC 2020

This blogs describes the week 5, the beginning week of the Phase 2. Phase 2 will be mostly focused on Compound Distributions which were stalled from 2018, and additions to Joint Distributions.

Some key highlights of this week are:


  • Compound Distributions
    • This issue comprises of the discussions on the implementation design and API for the Compound Distributions.

PRs during this week:

Open PRs:

  • WIP-Compound Distributions
    • This PR is a prototype of the discussions in #19332. This builds basic framework and I will add tests and documentation so that it becomes ready for review from the mentors.
  • Testing and cleaning up Joint Rvs
    • This PR aims at cleaning Joint RVs and increasing the coverage of joint_rv_types.py. It also contains corrections in documentations, adding missing functions for MultivariateNormalDistribution and MultivariateLaplaceDistribution and few clean ups in test_joint_rv.py. The coverage has been increased to 98%.

Merged PRs:

  • Added Poisson, Wiener and Gamma Process
    • This was one of the most important aim of the project which added Poisson Process, Wiener Process and Gamma Process and makes me feel so happy to see it getting merged as this was the important pending work of the Phase 1. I hope to complete my project aims in the upcoming Phases too.


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India