With this blog it completes the awesome month of statistical learning and coding, and the official Phase 1 of the Google Summer of Code-2020.

I will try to highlight some notable additions to stats during this month.

  • Merged PRs

    • #18754
      • Added Sampling methods of Continuous Random Variables from external libraries.
    • #19273
      • Added Lomax and Bounded Pareto Distributions(CRV types).
    • #19290
      • Fixes Symbolic Expectation and its doit method.
    • #19295
      • Rename doit to expand in Symbolic stats.
    • #19304
      • Added is_random to check for random expressions.
    • #19342
      • Completes sampling from external libraries for CRV, FRV and DRV.
    • #19452
      • Added a test for a fixed issue of stats.
    • #19459
      • Fixes Sum.doit() for RandomIndexedSymbol.
    • #19500
      • Added support for Sampling from Stochatic Processes.
    • #19529
      • Added Expectation, Variance and CrossCovariance Matrices.
  • Open PRs

    • #19387
      • Added Poisson, Wiener and Gamma Process.

With the end of the official Phase 1, I would like to thank my mentors for their constant support and guidance and look forward for significant additions to stats during the upcoming month and begin with the Phase 2 of program.


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India