Pre GSoC 2020

I will be sharing my Pre-GSoC journey in this blog. I started exploring about the GSoC program around November 2019 and was quite interested in the open source. I began to look for the organisations and came across a Math and Physics library in python, SymPy.

I looked in the project ideas and the one idea which hit me the most was from the stats module. I was quite excited to work on it as I recently had a course on Probability and Statistics. I went through the code base of stats, started learning more about the subject along with contributing to the codebase.

I struggled a bit in the first week as I was new with the GitHub and met Gagandeep Singh when he reviewed one of my PR. I started discussing with him about his experience as a GSoC student in 2019, and gained many things about the organisation and stats module. It was from the middle December, I started contributing to this library and it has became one of my top priority till date as it is something that matches my interests and tastes.

Finally, I am happy to share that on 4th May, 2020, I was accepted as a GSoC student of SymPy. I would work during the summer of 2020 on stats module under the mentorship of Gagandeep Singh, Francesco Bonazzi and Jogi Miglani.

And that was the beginning of the Mathematically Programmed Summer.


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India